Origin of the Emblem

The emblem on the left presents the University’s goals in the shape of a shield to match the university logo and adhere to the Catholic design style. The shield is divided into three sections, each representing a core aspect of the medium-term development goals for the 2022/2023 to 2025/2026 academic years, namely professional development, humanistic care, and internationalization. In the middle of the shield is a slightly curved cross that reaches outwards in a “hug,” representing the Catholic spirit of caring for the world. The logo represents the university’s commitment to develop in three major directions under the philanthropy of Christianity with the aim to become a university with continued social influence based on the spirit of Christian love.

The emblem on the right displays the 10+ strategy for the medium-term institutional development goals of the 2022/2023 to 2025/2026 academic years. The design presents the development goals as stars forming a circle around the cross, thereby symbolizing the collaboration between all institutional units, with Fu Jen as the core, to achieve institutional development and create an excellent century-old Fu Jen Catholic University.

The colors used in the logo represent the following

  • Green:symbolizes friendliness and peace
  • Orange:represents warmth and closeness and is the color of the university flag
  • Blue:indicates professionalism and represents the Immaculate Mary, the Patron Saint of Fu Jen Catholic University